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4 Facts About Shopify Smart Card Reader You Should Know

The Shopify Card reader is one of the must-have accessories if you would like to experience the full advantage of your Shopify account. This device is tailored to offer convenience in your online transactions hence it is a must-have. With rapid developments taking place in the e-commerce industry, this card reader is so far the most fabulous breakthrough ever experienced in e-commerce. Some of the facts that make the Shopify Card reader the icing on the cake are;

  1. It is portable

The small device can easily fit inside your pocket, and you can always carry it around and still use it to receive payments. Other than carrying it inside your pocket, you can also stick it behind your phone using the special sticker that comes with it. With the ability to be with you whenever you move, you can always use this card reader to sell your goods and services on the go.

  1. Makes it easy to track transactions

It is better to record all your business transactions. It is what happens when you use the Shopify card reader to receive payments. Since you connect it to your Shopify account, any purchases made automatically reflect in your inventory. That means that you don’t have to go through the trouble of writing down your records especially if you move around a lot.

  1. It is secure

The Shopify card reader is safe for you and your customers. The technology behind the reader uses a chip to carry out the transactions after which it generates a unique code that executes the payment process. That means that your customers don’t need to key in your smart card pin exposing them to theft risks. The card reader cannot store any data hence all the payments made are transferred immediately into your account.

  1. Swipe or insert option

There are two main ways of making payments using smart cards. The good news is, with the Shopify card reader, both options are available. It means that you are fully prepared to accept payments from any smart card holder.


There is nothing more satisfying than the thought of being able to accept payments made using smart cards within seconds. This device is a significant stepping stone in e-commerce and has solved the biggest problem that affected the entire e-commerce field. Apart from the card reader helping you accept online payments, you should know that you can also use it to receive payments in your store.

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